Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Flooring And Hiring Flooring Contractor

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Through the pandemic, most people were not planning on spending large amounts of money across the board because they were unsure about the changes that were taking place. People wanted to make sure that things were getting better with the effects of the pandemic, their jobs, and overall, everything was going back to normal before they invested in construction and other changes.

However, people were spending a lot of time indoors and working remotely, and they realized that they wanted to make some changes around the house. People were redoing the rooms where they were working, while some wanted to renovate their entire homes. Unlike many companies who were not getting their supplies because of curfews and lockdowns, we found a way to source the requirements of our clients, so we do not have any projects delayed.

We also learned that people make many mistakes when working with contractors, especially dealing with tiling and doing up the floors. We wanted to create a list of these issues so we could assist people through them. We also wanted to make sure that our clients got the best possible option when working on projects. If they went through the list and navigated through the issues, they would get a good job done.

1. Following latest flooring trends
Customers purchase flooring products heavily depending on the popular trend because they always want to follow the trend and make their places more contemporary. Keeping up with the trend is a good idea, but it’s not for everyone. When choosing flooring products for different places, customers should consider the purposes and functions of the room, the overall interior design effects it will have, and how the design and color of the flooring match the furniture, decoration, wall, and other parts. Sometimes, budget is another consideration.

2. Looking for cheap flooring contractors
Some customers always think about hiring cheaper labor when finding contractors. The primary reason is they want to save money. Cheaper labor indeed can help the customer decrease or control the costs within budget. However, it also might mean unprofessional, inexperienced, low-quality, cheap installation materials, etc. All these hidden troubles have a chance to be exposed in the future, which will cost more to fix. So, when choosing a flooring contractor, ask around first to see if friends have referrals with good reputations. Sometimes referrals might bring you a discount.

If you are hiring professional and reliable contractors, customers have the right to ask them to provide the insurance and WCB certificate especially because condo strata always require these. Ask and compare quotes from different contractors so that you can get an overall idea of the average market price. Then you can check the websites or google reviews to further decide.

3. Misunderstanding types of flooring variations
When purchasing flooring products, some customers think the color of one flooring would always keep the same. For laminated and vinyl flooring, a computer program designs the color and texture of one model. So variations rarely happen on these two types of flooring unless the manufacturers change the design. But for engineered hardwood flooring, because it’s natural wood with natural texture and base color, there are always variations among different batches, which is the natural feature of the wood and very common. Customers should expect and allow certain variations. Before purchase, customers can ask the sellers if the stock is from the same batch of samples. If not, they can check on a recent sample. 

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