Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring Right For Me?

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With so many new and innovative materials in the market today, the choices available are endless. Each of these options comes with a unique set of features and prices to suit various needs and budgets. However, despite the broad range of choices, hardwood flooring is still the most sought-after flooring material. Its timeless beauty, luxury, and durability make it an excellent choice for any home, but its high pricing can a put-off for most homeowners.

If you, too, love the look and feel of wooden flooring but are struggling to meet the price quoted, consider engineered hardwood flooring instead. It is a sound alternative to traditional hardwood floors, and it can mimic the exact finish of natural wood. Besides its look, it also has a natural wooden feel and promises a superior experience.

That said, it is vital to pay attention to the kind of engineered hardwood you purchase as there are several options available. The variations can be based on the wood species used to prepare the flooring material, the thickness of the flooring, its width and length, its grade, and origin. To determine the quality of engineered hardwood, you need to ask your supplier the following questions:

1. Where is this flooring made?

2. Is this flooring multiply or three-ply?

3. Which species of wood is this flooring made from?

4. What’s the grade of this flooring?

5. How thick is this flooring?

6. What’s the finish of this flooring?

7. What’s the price of this flooring?

Based on the answers you receive, you can do a bit of online research or talk to your flooring contractor to determine the best-engineered flooring option. The cost of engineered hardwood for flooring can range from $3 to $20 and above per square foot. And, can be purchased in retail stores or even online, making them a convenient choice.

When you purchase engineered flooring, remember that it is ideal for personal residences or investment property rather than renting units. This is because it must be maintained regularly to preserve its look and longevity. To maintain this flooring, make sure to sweep or vacuum it regularly and gently mop it to keep it clean. Do not clean engineered hardwood flooring with a mop that’s soaking wet. This will help you lock in the shine and appearance of your floor. You can try to use felt pads and other protection tools as well to shield the flooring from scratches your furniture may cause over time.

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