Glue Down Floor Installation Vs. Floating Installation

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When it comes to engineered floors, there are two methods you can use to install them. They are the glue down installation and the floating installation. As professionals in the flooring industry, the experts at TJL Floor And Garage Door Inc believe that both methods are highly efficient and do not hamper the performance and aesthetics of your floors. However, they still have their pros and cons, which can be major deciding factors when choosing which method to opt for.

To help you see for yourself the advantages and disadvantages of each method, we have compared glue down floor installations vs. floating installations. We’ve even suggested which option is best for specific types of housing. Keep reading to determine which option is most suitable for your needs.

A. Glue down floor installation
With the glue down installations, you receive more stable flooring. The chances of it moving are very low. Moreover, it will be strong and durable as it is packed into place perfectly. This makes it a more reliable and popular method of installation. 

The downside to this flooring installation technique is that glue must be used. This means it costs more than other installation methods. Additionally, as glue is used to install the flooring, it’s hard to replace once the installation is finished. So you need to be sure that this is what you want.

B. Floating floor installation
Floating floors are really quick and easy to install. They can even be replaced without much fuss. There is no large amount of glue needed during these installations, and the best part is that it costs relatively less than the previous installation method.

Sadly, one challenge with floating floors is that they can be noisy. Floating flooring tend to amplify sounds like footsteps. As they are easy to replace, there is also the potential issue that this flooring method could impact the environment. Besides that, you need to purchase extra underlayment to use this flooring method.

Which option should you choose?
Glue down installations are recommended for single houses. Floating installations are usually required for condos or apartments and townhouses by strata. As a result, the type of property you have will determine which option you should go for. The budget, room functions, purpose of the property, the expected living time in this property, environmental concerns, etc., must also be taken into consideration to determine which option will be best for you and your needs.

Glue down installations are recommended even for commercial properties, which will cost more, and as we mentioned, they will be hard to replace. Professional installers are necessary in the case of this installation method. With floating installations for condos, apartments, and townhouses, the cost will be much less, and the flooring will be easy to replace. Additionally, you can go ahead and DIY your floating floors as they are simple to set into place.

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