What Makes TJL Floor And Garage Door Inc Stand Out

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About TJL Floor And Garage Door Inc

We are a retail business specializing in flooring, garage doors, and cabinets. We have a two-storey showroom in Richmond, BC, that’s open from Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm, except statutory holidays. At our store, you’ll find a range of experienced individuals from our team ready to help clients with their needs.

We also have onboard professional installation teams with over fifteen years of experience, and the brilliant expertise to help clients put in their new floors or garage doors. To help our clients even further, we closely cooperate with their designers, builders, and project contractors so that we can meet their requirements perfectly.

We provide all sorts of flooring products made in China, Europe, Canada, and BC to suit a range of budgets and desires. We even uniquely offer custom-made services to meet client needs based on their specifications.

As our company was established in May 2015, our clients have had sufficient time to get to know our products and services. Upon experiencing the quality we have to offer, we were able to accumulate regular clients and partners, and earn a good reputation in the past five years.

Currently, our business is in a state of rapid growth with extending cooperation and more diverse partners. We serve clients all across the Great Vancouver Area and have our primary job sites in Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond, and Burnaby. In the coming years, we hope to expand our efforts and capture a larger market share.

The TJL Floor And Garage Door Inc Difference

As a reasonably new business, our most significant achievement has been participating in townhouse and high-rise projects as a qualified subcontractor. We believe that our service quality has helped us excel significantly and capture the attention of several clients.

To maintain the quality we provide, we ensure to make our clients and their needs our top priority. We have reliable sources to find what our customers want and require, and based on their inputs, we ensure that we have everything that they need. At the same time, we do our best to stay customer-oriented, patient, professional, and responsible when clients come to our store. We also try to provide quality products at affordable rates for our clients.

Another aspect that has helped us become one of the best-known flooring material and installation service providers in the Great Vancouver Area is our participation and completion of several big projects. Similarly, we’ve provided them with high-quality services to achieve their dream home.

Our clients love that we carry the most trending product options and still keep those traditional choices open. But most of all, they enjoy the fact that we customize our services so that they can get the most out of our offerings.

That said, without the services of our professional installers, we wouldn’t be able to achieve the scale of greatness that we have today. Their experience and reliability play a significant role in our success, and we like to show them that we appreciate their efforts. To do this, we like to take them out to a Christmas dinner and Chinese New Year’s dinner every year and recognize their efforts while celebrating.

Besides looking after our clients and employees, we also attempt to care for the environment. As a result, we ensure to make small, environmentally beneficial changes around our business. One of them includes the use of an environment-friendly adhesive with low VOC for flooring installations. Apart from the environment, we even look after the community. Recently, we donated to the Chinese Federation of Commerce of Canada. We aim to donate to many more organizations that pledge to the development of our community and offer the people better facilities.

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